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It Takes a Village…

Often, a novel is referred to as a baby.

We writers spend hours upon hours, nurturing, directing, tearing down and building up.

And, like bringing up children, we can’t do this alone. No matter how much we want to.


Writers are, it seems, by nature, solitary types. We sit in a room full of people and don’t enjoy interacting, but we LOVE to listen and watch others interact. We are, for the most part, introverts. As my hubby says, We travel in large packs of one.

But we need other writers. It’s true. I’ve tried doing it on my own. A second or third or even fourth brain is NOT ONLY HELPFUL, but necessary. These other brains are important for helping us work through whatever strange turn our story is taking us. Or, often more importantly, to let us know we don’t need to be tossed into a rubber room.

No man is an island. No typewriter key gets jammed alone.

(Deep breath, I’m bringin’ it home.)

Get yourself a brain trust: your village. It won’t be easy. First, you have to find a group of writers–wait! Let me rephrase that, first you have to find a group of serious writers who don’t take things too seriously. But it will be worth it. 

My village encourages me and helps me reword rambles, catch my random commas and odd spelling errors. 

Roadster Romance would be so much less than what it is without my brain trust, the story’s aunts and uncles and godparents. 

And now Life’s a Beach is getting ready for it’s debut. And again, it’s with the help of my writing family.

Who’s have thought writing authoring was a group activity?

Edited to add:

Check out L.P. Masters blog post annoy perfection and about being Roadster’s auntie. 

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Next on the agenda…

Upcoming is Life’s a Beach. It’s about Kathryn, a bitter devorcee who just wants her ex to be a father to their son, and Dillon, a detective who finds Kathryn an interesting mystery.

And surprise! There’s another dog. 😀 Kathryn hopes that Bruno will keep her sexy neighbor away.

Right now, I’m in the process of revising and editing. Plus, it needs a cover. 😀

My plan is to have it out near the end of September if not sooner.

Don’t worry. I’ll keep you posted. 😀

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Roadster Romance is UP!

Get your Free copy fast. It’ll be $2.99 sometime on Monday 8/21/17.

Roadster Romance on Amazon 

Or search for Roadster Romance on your favorite Ebook seller. It’s available on Amazon, iBooks, Google Books, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo.

If you like it, please consider leaving a review. And thank you for your support. 😀

Possible Full cover 2

I had to use the motorcycle image because I’m doing something risky–putting myself out there and living life. 😀

Thanks again. Hugs to all of you. 😀

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Taking the Plunge

It’s hot this summer. Okay. It’s hot every summer in my little corner of the world.

It’s too far a reach for this segue, so I’ll just get straight the point rather than making some tragically failed attempt at a water metaphor.


I did it. I hit finalize and submit.

Roadster Romance will be available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Apple iBooks and Google Play in a couple of days.

I’ll try to remember to keep you all posted.

Right now, my heart is racing. I need to lie down.

Happy Monday.


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Milli Gilbert – Author Interview

I’m late, and missed June 😀 It was a rough month. Which makes me wonder why I didn’t get to this fun bit sooner. Oh, I know, that would have been wise. LOL

This time, I have the honor of hanging out with Milli Gilbert. Milli is a fun nerdy girl who may or may not be a rabid Cumberbatch fan; a fact that gets played up in her upcoming Nerdgasm novel. I’ve had the pleasure of reading a few of her pieces and have thoroughly enjoyed them.

J.W.  So, Milli, do you proofread/edit your own books, or do you get someone to do that 51PY210sf8Lfor you?

M.G.  I take it as far as I can. But I definitely need to have someone else proof read it (a couple times, a couple different people!) for spelling, punctuation, and grammar problems. I know what I meant to say, so that’s how I read it, even if that’s not what the page actually says.


J.W.  Oh, boy, is that an undeniable truth. Being nerdy myself, I know why I write romance; why did you choose to write romance?

M.G.  Because why not? I love a happy ending, and a romance is guaranteed to have it. Also, I love the challenge of “how many ways can the same story be written?” I mean, really, it’s a basic formula. Character A meets Character B, and a) they like each other or b) they hate each other. The trick is finding new ways for people to fall in love and get to their happy ending. I also wonder which two personalities floating around in the world that is my head are going to find each other next? How do they work together?
There’s a bit of a thrill to watching two of my characters fall for each other, and it’s always exciting, listening to their story. The question is whether or not I can write fast enough to get it all down, or if they’re like my Rafe character, I have to torture him to get anything out of him.


J.W.  LOL Love it. And it seems like there’s always one, doesn’t it? On another track, would you, or do you, use a PR agency?

M.G.  Maybe some day, but by the time I can afford that, I’ll have all the knowledge and won’t need them. Then again, I might also have less time to devote to marketing, so… it’s a possibility, anyway.


Perfect Ten (cover)

J.W.  Good points. Okay, back to the fun stuff. Which of your published works was your favorite to write and why?

M.G.  I’d have to say… Perfect Ten. It holds a special place in my heart as my first published work, so there’s the sentimental value of it, plus I got to “research” rodeos and bull-riding accidents to make the flashback more realistic. Plus, I just love my main character, Tenley. She’s spunky and not afraid to go after what she wants, and can stand up for herself. She doesn’t need a man to protect and provide for her. But if he’s the right man (in her case, Greyson Jones) she’ll welcome it. Plus, it was just a fun, easy story to write – it only took a few days for the first draft, and then a couple weeks for the revisions and edits!


J.W.   That’s wonderful! I know I enjoyed reading it too. Okay, now for the kicker question. Dun dun duunnnn. How do you relax?

M.G.  Legos, of course! And playing with the kids. Beach time is always fun, or fishing, camping, or bike rides. And my garden. That was a new one as of last year, and I’m planning a much bigger one for the future, complete with an office shed (yes, I design all of my characters’ houses too, because I need the visual, and I need to keep it consistent, plus playing with a house’s layout is just fun.) Oh, and coloring books. I love the smell of Sharpie in the morning!


J.W.  LOL Love it! Thank you for spending some time answering questions.

M.G.  Thanks so much for having me, Julia! I had a great time, being your goof — I mean, *guest* — of honor this month!


An eclectic writer, Milli Gilbert is a stay-at-home mom who loves to play with words almost as much as she loves to play with her kids. All of her stories involve romance, and maybe a little bit of mystery. Milli loves to write about cowboys and shifters, and can usually be found trying to find interesting ways to combine them. She also writes erotica/romantica under a different name. She has several short stories published, and will have her first full length novel out in November 2017. She just took off after one of her couples to follow them around for a few months – but don’t worry, she’ll be back. If not, you can find her on  Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest, or follow her on Twitter.

And of course, on her blog, Hairballs of Genius.

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Renee Grace Thompson – Author Interview

This month, I have the pleasure of interviewing Renee Grace Thompson. Renee keeps an air of quiet reserve, but trust me, bottled inside is a whole lot of wonderful fun that comes out in her writing.

J.W.  Do you think that the cover plays an important part in the buying process?LuckothenonIrish

R.G.T.  Absolutely. It gives you a feel for what’s on the inside. Right or wrong, a book most definitely is judged by its cover. If the author cares enough about his or her work, she’s going to care about its packaging as well. It’s typically the first thing we see to catch our attention, even before we read a blurb. The cover has to grab a reader and lure her in.

J.W.  So true. And you have some great covers. 😀 Now, I’ve heard of some writers doing this, so I have to ask; would you use a PR agency?

R.G.T.  I really haven’t thought about it. Maybe someday, but for now, I want to do it myself. Once I get a few titles out there I’ll consider spending more time on promoting them.

J.W.  Is there any marketing technique you used that had an immediate impact on your sales figures?

R.G.T.  So far, with just three stories published, I still feel like I have very little HeartsandhandcuffsFinal-2experience. My first publication was the Valentine’s Day Anthology. We didn’t know what the heck we were doing, and basically, we didn’t do anything other than mention it on Twitter and Facebook. It was super successful. (By successful, I mean we broke even.)

Since then, I published a novella, for which I’ve done several Facebook takeovers as well as paid for Amazon ads. I’m not even close to breaking even on that one.

But I’m very well aware that it all takes time to be noticed and to build up a following, so I’m just doing all the basic things without any big expectations for now. Next year at this time, I hope to have a mailing list as well as a social media following, and then I feel that all those routes of communication will play into effect. I don’t really think one avenue is better than another.

J.W.  It does take time. That’s some great info. How are you publishing this book and why? (e.g. Indie, traditional or both)16996251_1419975331411231_4446705482560628846_n

R.G.T. I have no interest in publishing traditionally. I love the entrepreneurial life, and I like to dabble in all the little details. For me, if self-publishing weren’t an option, I wouldn’t be doing this.


J.W.  I’m with you. I love all the little bits and pieces of self-publishing. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. 😀 How much research do you do?

R.G.T.  Not a whole lot. I’ve looked up quotes, and dream patterns, and effects of stress and post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve also looked up some city landmarks and that type of thing. For the most part, I just concentrate on my characters and their lives. When I get more comfortable with writing I might do some work that I’ll need to do my research for, but for now I want to concentrate on learning the craft and the industry.

J.W.  Wonderful answers. Thank you so much for hanging out to talk. 😀

R.G.T.  Thank so much for your time!



Renee lives in the Midwest with her husband and four kids. She worked as a Nuclear Medicine Technologist for over many years, but now manages her family-owned business. Her spare time is spent hovering over her laptop, trying to transcribe the romance novels playing out in her head. There are several going on at once though, so keeping up with them is hard. She hopes to have her first novel published sometime this winter.

Renee can be found at:


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RA Winter — Author Interview

I’m excited to announce that today is Author Interview day! And even better?

I have RA Winter here. RA has authored the Kiowa in love series; each story has its own life. Healing and romance to love, sex and humor with some spirits tossed in. Her writing style is sleek and her ability to elicit emotion from the reader is fantastic. From this reader anyway. 😉 😀

J.W.  I want to start with the fluff. RA, what is your favorite movie and why?

RA  Oh, I’m horrible! I loved “The Mist”. The twist at the end was fantastic in its horror! I also loved the “Butterfly Effect”. I’m a sucker for finding love. Stargate, Star Trek, (any of them), An Officer and a Gentleman, 4th of July, London has Fallen. Oh, anything Clint Eastwood or Johnny Depp.

J.W.  A great range and some great movies. So know that what drew you to write in this genre?

51k8esvAtRLRA  I wanted more from romance than just love. I wanted a whole family and a modern contemporary setting than what I found in other books. I also wanted to deal with different personalities. What makes a person act the way they do? Why do some women chose the Beta male over an Alpha male? Someone has to marry the class clown. What makes them endearing?

J.W.  These are some of my favorite themes too. Do you proofread/edit all your own books or do you get someone to do that for you?

RA  I have someone do it for me. I rely on crits too.


J.W.  When you find good critiquing partners, that makes a world of difference. 😀 Would you or do you use a PR agency?

RA  I’ve never used one. Honestly, the thought never crossed my mind.


J.W.  I’ve heard of some writers doing it. It’s got to be pricey. So now, the final questions. Dun dun duuuunnnn LOL How do you relax?

RA  Writing is normally my go-to for relaxation. Reading is second. I also garden and do genealogy research. There is nothing like being in a library archive and finding a document written by a long lost relative to give me a boost.

J.W.  Wow! That would be cool. And I’ll admit, I love old libraries. Thank you for spending some time with me.


RA Winter, began her writing career under her married name, writing genealogy books. However, her love for reading romance novels intruded in on her daily activities. She started writing “Little Sparrow” and fell in love with her characters and is writing many more books in the Romantic Western series, ” A Kiowa in Love”. Each one of Grandfather’s grandchildren will have their story told, as will Grandfather himself.

RA spent many years travelling the world and has lived in many different countries. Turkey, Egypt, Germany, and Jordan, have all been called “home” at one time or another. She’s even been employed as a Federal Agent. Now you can find her quietly living in Pittsburgh, Pa, with her husband, writing her next novel about Grandfather and Lilly, a lively story where Lilly’s dead husband’s ghost haunts her, tormenting her at every glance.

FYI… Dingle eats him in the second chapter but can’t keep him down, or out of the spaghetti sauce. Paranormal humor at its best; romance stilted by two opposing forces. An Italian ghost and a Native American spirit come head to head. Who will win? Due out in the fall of 2017.

Find her on Facebook at

Twitter @RAWinterWriter

Follow her blog at

Find her books on Amazon at

Read about her books at!the-kiowa-in-love-books/cnec

Little Sparrow, A Kiowa in Love is a sensual romance, about finding love after loss.

Painted Girl, A Kiowa in Love is a ‘cleanish’ romance, that deals with PTSD.

RedDress Two Wives, A Kiowa in Love is a raunchy read with lots of humor.

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Francisco Cordoba – Author Interview

Emoji Surprise Ariel modSqueeeee!!!!! Full on Fangirling. You know how we all have our favorites? Well, I get to interview mine. Shhh. Don’t tell him or it’ll go to his head, or he’ll overthink it and turn in on himself trying to live up to what he thinks are my expectations. And don’t tell any of my other writerly buddies. I don’t want them to know that they’re not all my favorites. Because they are.

But this month I have my favorite favorite. I have the joy of hosting Francisco Cordoba. I have become friends with him over the last year and a bit, but more than that, even if we weren’t friends, I would still be a fan. His writing is fun, clear and bright. His words are sparkling, tasty little bits of prose filled with all the fun stuff.

He is also one of my regular critique partners and has been instrumental in restoring my rusty writing skills. And he’s been an encouragement in times of desperate need.

Okay, Shhhhh. Here he comes. Play it cool, and pretend I didn’t say anything. 😉

J.W.  Hi Francisco. Welcome to the Half-fast Writer. I’m so glad you could join me.

F.C.  Hey Julia, thanks for hosting me. I always welcome a chance to chat with you.


J.W.  So, into the meat of it. How often do you write, and do you have a special time during the day to write?

F.C.  I write daily. If a day goes by that I can’t write for some reason, I become stressed andfrancisco avi horse grumpy. It’s like my characters are battering on the inside of my head and must have release, while real life batters at me from the outside, so I need escape from that for a while. Time with my characters helps me decompress.

My preferred time to write is first thing in the morning. Bliss for me is to roll out of bed and hit the keyboard. In real life, this rarely happens, so I end up doing most of my writing in the evening. It’s not as productive, but it is what happens. When I’m not doing other things during the day, I think about writing.


J.W.  Oh, man. I’m sorry you don’t get to write in the morning. Some day. 😀 Do you write full-time or part-time?

F.C.  Full-time.I put in more hours and thought to writing and doing peripheral writing
tasks than I do to my day job.


J.W.  Wow. I hope you get some time for fun in there somewhere. Any tips on what to do and what not to do when writing?

F.C.  I’m not sure anyone can make that call for anyone else as far as writing goes. Basic general advice: Try not to drink so much you pass out at the keyboard. Clean the cookie crumbs out from between the keys regularly. Remember to shower and change your underwear periodically. Don’t forget that real life does exist and your family may want to see you occasionally. Oh yeah, and don’t get so hung up on other people’s opinions you become afraid to write or lose your own voice


J.W.  LMAO About some of those, and yes, about the opinions. I think those stories are ours for many reasons. While we’re sort of on process, do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

DTTSP Mumsy communicate discard paper smallF.C.  In the past, I never outlined. I just grabbed an idea and ran. I never finished a story, either. At least, I never finished anything longer than a couple of thousand words. Then a few years ago, I wrote a novel that I personally love, all 165,000 words of it, but found I couldn’t finish it because lack of planning had left me with plot holes so big you could drive a semi through them. That’s a lot of frustration right there. Since then, I’ve listened to my far more organized better half, and I outline everything. Within the outline, I’m still free to follow ideas, and frequently the characters break out and take off in strange directions. I run with them and if the ideas are good, I let them have their way. If I don’t like what’s happening, I can always drag them back to the outline. They kick and scream, but usually I can wrestle them into submission.

I did have this one character though who kept proposing to the FMC in the most inappropriate times and places. Every time I turned around, he had her in a quiet corner, or under a tree, or by the pool, and was asking her to marry him. I had a hard time calling a halt to that, but I had to. The poor girl was getting completely flustered.

J.W.  LMAO Brilliant. That’s funny. And I’m looking forward to the outcome. Now, where is your favorite place to write?

F.C.  Anywhere I can be alone. Write now that’s my writing cave at home. It has no view of outside, I’m surrounded by books and mounds of scrap paper. In an ideal world though, I’d like to try writing somewhere inspiring and beautiful, but it’s hard to find such places that are also empty of people.


J.W.  I hear that, though people are usually great fodder for random characters. 😀 Well, Francisco, this has been great getting to talk about your process. Thank you again for joining me.

F.C.  Thanks for listening.


A passionate romantic and obsessive equestrian, Francisco Cordoba has been writing for as long as he can remember. However, it’s only in the last Palominofew years, since completing his Master’s Degree in Linguistics, and suffering regular chastisement from his wife, that he has dared to fully unleash his muse. He loves writing about romance, relationships, adventures and sex.

Francisco lives a largely reclusive life tucked away in an old farmhouse, somewhere, with his wife, teenage son, four cats, two dogs, horse, ducks and chickens. He freely admits to loving them all, although he refuses to allow more than three bodies to occupy his bed at any one time. His six-book slightly erotic, paranormally romantic, mysteriously suspenseful, thrillingly adventurous, and possibly fictional debut series, The Horsemen of Golegã, will be self-published soon.



Website and Blog:





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Immogen Keeper – Author Interview

I know, it’s the end of February. I got January’s interview posted late. At least I’m getting Feb’s posted in the right month. 😀

And have I got a great cold season warmer for you. This interview is with Immy Keeper, author or what I would say was Romantica; very romantic erotica. The Bonding, her first in a series is available and is an incredible universe with amazing characters. I had to put the story down because I was over-sympathizing. But I was so moved by the love story, one of these days, I’ll finish it, because it is that good.


J.W.  So Immy, you’ve started out published by a small press and now you’re self-published. What would you say are the main advantages and disadvantages of self-publishing against being published or the other way around?

I.K.  Well, when I first started, I was published by a small publishing house. And the advantages are enormous, especially for someone who’s just starting out. I had no clue what I was doing. So it was great. It felt like someone was holding my hand and teaching me a new industry. Free editorial services, free cover design. They put my books up on all the big vender sites. All I had to do was approve stuff.

But then it was over, my book was live and it was my job to sell it… but I was only going to get a small piece of the profits. That’s totally fair. They invested the money. They deserved to get their money back, but it definitely lowered my incentive to try to market. So my book just kind of flopped, and spending money on reviews or marketing seemed silly, since the money wouldn’t come back to me in any major way.

So when that publishing house closed it’s doors and my book rights reverted back to me, there was no doubt in my mind. I was going indie. If I had to market, and spend money on marketing, only one person was going to take the profits… Me.

Self-publishing is a tremendous amount of work. I barely have time to write now. I haven’t figured out how that balance works yet. Nor have I really figured out how to start selling either, but I will get there.

J.W.  It’s great to hear that from someone I DTTSP Mumsy communicate discard paper smallknow, who’s really been there, because when I
heard that with a house, you have to do your own publishing. It made me wonder what the point was. So on that note, do you have any advice for other authors on how to market their books?

I.K.  I wish! If I were in a position to give advice, I’d be thrilled. But I’m not. Marketing is so hard. My only word of advice would be this. Be careful. For every piece of useful information online, there are a hundred people waiting in the wings with their hands out trying to take your money. Be careful. It’s a jungle out there.

J.W.  Wow! Good to know. What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your book?

I.K.  Far too much. But I’m still learning how to use social media and what’s worth spending money on and what isn’t. It will get easier. I keep telling myself this and someday I hope it comes true.

J.W.  LOL I’m sure it will. I hear it gets easier. You learn what works and streamline your process. You always astound me. You are such a go-getter. 😀 With marketing out of hte way, what are your thoughts on good/bad reviews?

I.K.  Any review is a good review.

J.W.  I’ve heard that. I hope so. 😀 Any tips on what to do and what not to do when writing?

I.K.  Not really anything specific. But I do think that my writing improved dramatically, I started writing so much faster, and it became so much more fun when I got to know myself better. Trying to force myself to write at bad times, or if I hadn’t figured out the plotting, or if I’d figured out the plotting too much, or if I just didn’t want to… was a fool’s errand. I work best when I want to. And forcing it is no good. There are plenty of other useful things for me to do, so why force the words down?

Learning how to manage myself was the single biggest hurdle I had to overcome. I’m a tricky employee. ;)

J.W.  I think I can relate. LOL And that is great advice. 😀

Thank you for taking a few minutes from your writing and your crew. 😀

I.K.  Thank you Julia!!!



BIO: I’m Imogen Keeper. But please, call me Immy. I’m from the East Coast, born and raised and back here now with my husband and our son, who is a handful and a half. We just had a baby girl a couple weeks ago, so life just got even more hectic.

I discovered writing when my son was about six months old. It was something I’d always

The Bonding: Book #1 in the Tribe Warrior Series by [Keeper, Imogen]


dabbled at in the past, but never really put on my serious hat. So, bored at home with a kid who truly took magnificent naps, I started studying up on the how-to’s and the how-not-to’s of writing. With about six active works in progress, I decided to knuckle down and focus on one.


It made me blush, and it made me sweat, and it made me cry a few times, but The Bonding came out. I had to get over the embarrassment of having people read sex that came out of my head, but get over it I did.

My first novel was just published, (see note at bottom) and I have to admit, I’m proud of it. Dirty sex and all.


Immy lives on the East Coast with her husband and child. It was a long road to writing. College brought a passion for literary analysis and art history. So many papers written in those four years. An MFA in design, and a brief career in Interior Design, followed by the hard decision to be a stay-at-home mom resulted in a lady who didn’t enjoy sitting idle, a long-napping baby, and a lot of time on her hands. The result was a series of experiments with a variety of hobbies – cooking, baking, painting, gardening, DIY, knitting, filmography, obsessive reading, yoga, you name it until finally, one day she just sat down at her computer – and voila her fantasies finally were put down on the blank page!


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Lynn Miller – Author Interview

Was it just me or was January a little overwhelming? Man. And now I’m into February. I do like February. 😀

So now, for January, I’m posting my interview a little one the late side. Lynn, I’m sorry. And thank you all for your patience. 😀


J.W.  So Lynn, do you think real life can ever live up to the romantic ideal?

L.M  Yes. It’s all a matter of perspective. We all have a weakness. That ideal grand gesture. It may just not seem so grand. Some of us enjoy the romantic candle-lit dinner with all the trimmings. But there are number of us, where our significant other would need to think outside the box.

My husband and I went on holiday to the coast this past summer. We actually stayed in the area where book one (of Sons of Rebellion) opens. I wanted to go to the beach and take photos at sunset. Just to get the details right. We actually chose the coldest evening of the holiday to do this. There I was in the cold, during high tide on a deserted beach at twilight, leaning down taking photos. And about a few hundred  meters away, he stood, folded arms, in the cold and wind, keeping guard. In that moment, I felt so loved. That’s what it’s about. Finding the grand gesture that works in your relationship. That’s Romance.

I think if we look hard enough, the romantic ideal, would rather try to emulate real life.


J.W.  Beautiful. 😀 And I agree. We always find what we’re looking for. With your writing, do you work to an outline or plot or do you prefer just see where an idea takes you?

L.M.  Both. I will start with an idea or piece of dialogue and write a rough scene. Then I will outline where it fits into the story. I work in quarters. And will write 25% of the story then go back to outline and reorganise.

I generally have the start, the end and a few key scenes along the way based on dialogue. But I cannot work to an outline, the basic ideas need to come first.


J.W.  That is a fantastic process. You get the best of both styles and it works. How often do you write, and do you have a special time during the day to write?

L.M.  No special time during the day. But I do try to write everyday. Sometimes I manage a sentence, and others I can write two thousand words. Over weekends I do try to block off at least one evening to just writing.

I’m finding that because I do not use much of an outline, I cannot continue if I realise I have flaw earlier on. And I need to go back and revise. This slows me down. But I think it slows me down more to try and slog through something I know I’m going to have to make a structural change to. So I just go with it.


J.W.  Boy, I think we can all relate to those Maybe a sentence days. :p So where is your favorite place to write?

L.M.  I have two. I have a huge cherry wood desk where I am surrounded by all my colourful stationery. This is where I do most of my writing.

I also go to my local coffee shop. The service staff and owner know me there. They know how I like my coffee. They know not disturb me when my headphones are on. They specifically seat me at a big table so I don’t have to eat over my laptop. I really love that place.

On rare occassions I will lock myself in my daughter’s bedroom and I can crank out a scene or two under pressure. This is usually when my border collie Luna wants to play and won’t leave me alone and I am on a deadline for my critique group.


J.W.  LOL About your Luna. That coffee shop sounds like a dream. And cherry wood desk? Yes, please. LOL You have some great spots. Do you prefer to write alone or in the company of other people?

L.M.  Alone. When I’m around people they tend to want to do silly things like engage in conversation. Especially my family. They even tend to ignore the headphones. When I’m at the coffee shop. I put on my headphones on. Sometimes without music. But the most I can handle is my music playing in the background.

Ideally, I switch off the internet as well. My biggest distraction is social media. Mostly, because I’m inquisitive but often because I’m procrastinating.


J.W.  I love that. I’m glad to know I’m not the only one. It’s great to have social media but yes, it can be such a good procrastination tool.

Thank you for bearing with me and giving me the interview. It’s always interesting to see another writer’s process.

L.M.  Thanks.

lynn-millerLynn Miller lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love for storytelling started before she was able read or write but she only found the time to pursue this lifelong passion once she sold her software business. Her magical tales weave the blurred grey between good and evil with love, family and friendship.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with a cup of coffee and her kindle. She has always enjoyed both Romance and Urban Fantasy, and she writes in the genre that encompasses both: Paranormal Romance.  She’s an outdoorsy city girl – comfortable at a campsite with her family or enjoying cocktails with her girlfriends.


The Sons of Rebellion, her debut series, tells the story of a family of fallen angels and their struggles balancing a personal and professional life with battling demons.

Book 1, The Witch’s Pride, tells Jet and Laken’s Story.

Fallen Angel Jet has two weeks to find a witch or lose the most important weapon in the fight against The Devil. The powers that be decided eons ago that Jet will marry the her and start a new generation of magic. Instead falls for a woman from his past: Laken – a fellow ER doctor and single mom with secrets of her own. Falling for her new boss seems masochistic, and that is before she learns about Jet’s part in her family’s secret and troubled history.

Twitter: @lynnmillerfic