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All Half-Fast Press Titles

This free deal has passed, but you can still find the books at the following sites. Thank you for your interest!

This last week, we at Half-Fast Press published our fifth book.

How exciting is that!?

In celebration of that and summer, from JUNE 23 – 27 all five books are to be FREE.

(Each Title is linked to its page here, and Next to each title, the store is linked.) (Check the Amazon Price before hitting Purchase, they have their own timeline and might not be free the first day.)

Sunsets at Fiery Lake  *NEW*         Kobo    B&N     iBooks   Amazon

Art Class                                                 Kobo    B&N     iBooks    Amazon

Life’s a Beach                                        Kobo    B&N     iBooks    Amazon

Roadster Romance                             Kobo    B&N     iBooks    Amazon

SFR                                                          Kobo    B&N     iBooks    Amazon


We’re excited for you to celebrate with us. 😀

Thank you. 😀




I'm a multifaceted, hobby-collecting, introverted author.

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